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Butlerov Scientific Foundaton

About journal

Journal "Butlerov ommunications" was founded Innovation-publishing house "Butlerov heritage" Ltd. by the decision of the Assembly of the scientific society of Kazan from 19 April 2005. The journal is guided by "the regulations on research publishing activities" approved by the Assembly.

The Journal Butlerov Communications is the non departmental, a unique inter-University, academically oriented publishing project.

The legal founder and publisher of the Journal Butlerov Communications is Innovation-Publishing House "Butlerov Heritage" Ltd.
The actual address of the editorial office peer-reviewed eddition:
The department of information of Center of new information technologies.
Kazan National Research Technological University. the
K. Marx St.,68. Kazan, 420015. The Republic of Tatarstan. Russia.

The journal is the official organ of Butlerov Scientific Foundation (BSF) which also delegated the right to legally represent the interests of the journal.

Organizationally, in the journal there is the Institute of co-founder in which the co-founder signed a Contract or Agreement about scientific-technical, innovative and scientific publishing cooperation that enables to represent of the interests of each co-founder. The basis for the functioning of the journal is based on the principle of collective decision making.

The staffing and quantity of the co-founders of the journal changes every year depending on the willingness of universities and scientific organizations to support the journal and the Butlerov Scientific Foundation.

In 2015, the co-founders of the journal are:
1.   Buryat State University,
2.   All-Russian Research and Technological Institute of Biological Industry,
3.   Ivanovo State University,
4.   Kemerovo State University,
5.   Public Organization of the Tatarstans Republican Society of Chemistry named after D.I. Mendeleev,
6.   Department Physical-chemical biology and innovations in Russian Academy of Natural Sciences,
7.   Perm State Pharmaceutical Academy,
8.   Perm National Research Polytechnic University,
9.   Russian State University of Petrolium and Gas named after I.M. Gubkin,
10.   Russian Chemical-Technological University named after D.I. Mendeleev,
11.   Samara State Technical University,
12.   Samara State University,
13.   St.-Petersburg State Chemical-Pharmaceutical Academy,
14.   Saratov State University,
15.   National Research Tomsk State University,
16.   National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University,
17.   Tula State University,
18.   Federal State Enterprise Research Institute of Chemical Products (Kazan),
19.   Chelyabinsk State University,
20.   The Department of information of the Center of new information technologies of the Kazan National Research Technological University (actively facilitated and published journal).

The organizational structure of the journal "Butlerov Communications"
Chief editor of the journal:
Professor Yakov D. Samuilov
 is approved by a collegial on the meeting of the Editorial council/board of the journal

Yakov D. Samuilov was born June 27, 1946. 
In 1969 he graduated with honors from the Faculty of Chemistry Kazan State University. From 1969 to 1972 he studied in graduate school at the Department of Organic Chemistry at Kazan State University. In 1972 he defended his PhD thesis. In 1984 he defended his Russian scientific degree as doctoral thesis on "Donor-akteptornye properties of ligands and their activity reactions [4p+2p]-cycloaddition." Currently Professor of the Department of Synthetic Rubber Technology in Kazan National Research Technological University. Honored Chemist of Tatarstan. Author of over 400 publications and 52 patents. Under the supervision of Yakov D. Samuilov protected 20 PhD theses.
E-mail: ysamuilov@yandex.ru

Executive editor: Alexandre I. Kourdioukov
Editorial staff:
Managing system software: Ainur F. Mingaliev
Literary editor and translator: Elsa M. Murtazina
The legal address of the editorial office of the Journal Butlerov Communications:
Bondarenko St., 33-44. Kazan, 420066. Tatarstan. Russia.
Contact information: Cell. phone: +7 917 891 2622; Work tel: +7 (843) 231-42-30.
E-mail: butlerov@mail.ru or journal.bc@gmail.com
Web-portal: http://butlerov.com/

The style of management of the journal "Butlerov communications" is public, that is, decisions are made collectively by the editors, the Editorial coucil which take decisions on editorial policy of the journal, and the Editorial board (with deliberative vote) in the interests of the co-founders.

The strategic management of the journal - Editorial council of the journal, formed from the list of the active full members of the Editorial board. The Editorial council exercising a representative function and participates in the formation of the strategic development of the journal and deciding on the most important current quations of the journal and related projects.

Editorial council of the journal "Butlerov Communications"
Including 13 very famous scientists (with permission of decition making).


The positioning of the journal as a public, determines the broad representation on the Eitorial board of the leading scientists of universities and research institutes working in the field of chemistry and related fields. The journal aims to be part of the Editorial board at least one representative in each major research and educational Russian institution, conducting research in the field of chemistry.

The list of the Editorial board, depending on the actual activity of Editorial board members, their workload and their consent, are classified into the following functional categories:

The honorary member of Editorial board. An honorary member can become only some of the most famous and significant in the scientific community researchers. They are involved in the Editorial board only on the most important and fundamental questions.

The honorary member of Editorial board of the journal Butlerov communications
are 7 outstanding in their field chemists, among them - 2 academicians Russian Academy of Sciences

The full member of Editorial board. Active member are those researchers who actively involved in the work of the Editorial board of the journal.


The attracted peer-reviewer. Engage the reviewer has all the rights of a member of the Editorial board, but is drawn to review articles non systematically, but as a real need.

The Editorial board invites PhD to take an active part in the work of our Editorial board as full members of the editorial Board and peer-reviewers!

First volume of the updated journal:


List of branches of specialties that meet the requirements of Russian expert councils of Higher attestational Commission, which are published article in the journal Butlerov communications:
Analytical chemistry
Bioinorganic chemistry
Bioorganic chemistry
Biotechnology (including bionanotechnology)
Chemistry of organoelement compounds
Chemical technology of fuel and high energy substances
Colloid and surface chemistry
Inorganic chemistry
Kinetics and catalysis
Materials science (on branches) Mathematical and quantum chemistry
Membranes and membrane technology
Molecular biology
Molecular genetics
Medicinal chemistry
Nanotechnologies and nanomaterials (by industry)
Organic chemistry
Physical chemistry
Physiology and biochemistry of plants
Powder metallurgy and composite materials
Processes and apparatuses of chemical technology
Radio chemistry
Solid state chemistry
Technology of electrochemical processes and corrosion protection
Technology of inorganic substances
Technology of organic substances
Technology and processing of polymers and composites
Technology of rare, scattered and radioactive elements
Technology of silicate and refractory nonmetallic materials
High energy chemistry
High molecular weight compounds

Submitted for publication articles are positioned for the discussion
on the following web-forums


The organizing committee of each web conference includes all the Editorial board of the journal. Journal consistently performs expansion of the Editorial board and the organizing committees of the web-conferences. PhD are invited to participate in our publishing and information projects! Suggestions for subjects forming sections, applications for participation in the organizing committee of the web-conferences and the Editorial board must be sent to the executive editor (E-mail: butlerov@mail.ru or journal.bc@gmail.ru).

The purpose of our journal is the implemention of the principle of new scientific edition, combines, along with the traditional elements of electronic journals and periodicals, the new the possibility of maintaining of the scientific debate on the materials already published articles by supporting discussion forums are automatically generated for each article within web-conference of the journal. All material presented in these forums secured copyright for authors debate and after the editorial processing will always accompany original articles online and multimedia versions of edition. 
The journal is peer-reviewed! & nbsp; Each article is reviewed by two PhD, members of the Editorial board. Passage of review each article is fixed in a specialized database in the journal  website of peer-reviewer  in which the authors and all the members of the Editorial board can see the passage of reviews of articles and participate in the discussion on the closed web-forums. After publication, each registered partisipant of the web-forum with academic degree, can express their special position on the open web-forums, always organized on the portal of the journal for each article. 
The journal is the successor of the journal "Chemistry and Computational Simulation. Butlerov Communications.", published from 2002 to 2004 year in printed form. In 2005, the journal due to the reorganization of its activities significantly increased its research and publishing level and became known as Butlerov Communications. 

Attention! English version the journal is under the editorial content and is not fully duplicate the Russian version of the journal. 

The journal is available as a multivolume on Russian and English languages. The English version of the journal becomes accessible with some delay because the translation needs some additional time. Each volume contains several issues of the journal. Volume of the journal may contain an application that consists of video research conferences, electronic versions of books published in small quantities and therefore inaccessible, research and service software packages, reference and training materials. For example, the application of the journal in 2004 includes full video plenary and section reports at the XVII Mendeleev Congress on General and Applied Chemistry.  
The Journal has the rights of the mass media, so as its development will increase the amount of material on the creative life and the development of the scientific community. This includes interviews with leading researchers, training video for television coverage of scientific expeditions, conferences and other events, analysis, information, consulting and promotional activities. Journal application can be accessed in the internet, and in the form of multimedia DVD in both Russian and English. In addition, the journal conducts a news section on the web-portal of Butlerov Science Foundation.

All questions and comments should be directed to the executive editor
by E-mail: butlerov@mail.ru or

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