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Nikolay Pavlovich Shapkin

Member of the editorial board. Member of web-forums of web-conference.

Public information:
Business phone:7 4232 457669
Business fax:7 4232 467609
Academic degree:Professor in the field of Chemical Sciences
Position:Leading researcher
Place of work:Far Eastern State University
Field of scientific knowledge supervised member of the editorial board:chemistry of Organoelement compounds, waste management, ecology
Educational activity:chemistry of Organoelement compounds, waste management, ecology
Registration Date: 24.04.2006 10:11:58

Nikolay Pavlovich Shapkin is the author of the following publications:

Year 2021, Volume 66, No6. web-forums:
Nikolay P. Shapkin , Andrew V. Taskin, Evgeny K. Papynov